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How to find wide fitting wedding shoes

Comfortable wide fitting wedding shoes are vital if  you are to avoid sore feet blighting the big day.
Whether it is shoes for the bride, mother of the bride or bridesmaids, all are likely to be spending large parts of the day on their feet.

opal wide fitting wedding shoeWhen planning the wedding it is important to identify ranges of shoes that cater for a wide variety of fittings for all the roles within your wedding party.

We understand that is unique, as are their feet, with different size, shape and width. Shoe ranges from the Lexus Collection are designed with comfort in mind and a range of matching bags are also available to complete the outfits.

You may know your shoe size already, but this doesn't take into account the width at all. If your other shoes tend to pinch at the widest points, then look at the range of wider fittings on this site. Then try them at home.

When trying on shoes at home, ensure that the fit is good. It is important to try them on the carpet to avoid scuffing the soles. Then stand with your feet evenly distributed . Check that you can wriggle your toes and there are no pressure points.

You may wish to consider the OPAL low heal satin court shoes for example, the low heel that offers comfort pad lining to make your feet feel comfortable throughout the day.

These are available in three satin colours: Light Grey/Silver, Navy and Nude Pink. For that touch of elegance its heel is full of sparkly glitter which is shown off as you walk.

There are matching silver and navy clutch bags bags to complete the outfit.

You can find other elegant wide fitting wedding shoes on the site as well as other matching bags to complement the look without compromising on the comfort of your feet.